Show at Seedspace in Nashville features work of Greg Pond, Amy Johnson, and Crazy Horse

seedspace-6A group of us drove up to Nashville at the end of December to see the Seedspace show. Click here to read more about the show.  These are some photos from our trip.

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Open Spaces Installation Complete

installation-2 We were selected by Open Spaces Chattanooga to install some of our work in two windows downtown.  Our windows are in the Yesterdays building on the corner of Georgia Ave. and Patten Pkwy (within close walking distance to Patten Towers).  We installed two large photographic prints – a portrait of Edna and one of Lulu- and also transducers on the windows that act as speakers to play audio clips from interviews I did with residents as well as audio recorded by Shirley in her church.  The installation will be up through the spring of 2015 and opened in September 2014.


3D Printed Models

We have been 3D scanning and printing with the residents of Patten Towers and these are some of the test prints we have created so far.  We use an Occipital Structure Sensor with an iPad to make a 3D scan of a person, then create a 3D portrait, or model, that can take several hours to print.  We are creating these portraits of each resident we are working with in Patten Towers.


3D Models of Shirley and Michelle on the 4th Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library

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Open Spaces Proposal


Open Spaces Chattanooga is an initiative to enliven downtown with creative installations in empty storefront windows- we applied for some window space to add to our existing project…. One of our goals with the project is to try to break down barriers, to make a little more transparent a place (Patten Towers) that is rather opaque to the rest of the city.  This is one way for people to learn a little bit about their neighbors in Patten Towers.  There will be large semi-transparent prints of photographic portraits of several residents accompanied with text and with audio that will play when triggered by someone walking by.  (The portraits may not be these exact ones.)

Printing 3D Models


Mesh for a test print of Amy from a 3D scan with an Occipital structure sensor

We are going to start printing 3D portraits, or busts, of each of the residents we are working with.  Today we made a test print to show everyone what we will be doing.  And we were able to print it on one of the printers in our amazing Chattanooga Public Library